RIP Chicago Fans


Christ. That’s a tough one. Kaner’s out 12 weeks with a fractured clavicle, Rose is out a while with a Derrick Rose. I’d feel bad for Chicago fans if not for the fact that Oilerz.I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Derrick Rose play live two times in his career. That’s almost like seeing bigfoot, considering he’s missed 214 games in the last four years. Guy’s torn his meniscus twice and I don’t even know what a meniscus is. Hate to say it, but Rose’s career is shaping out to be a slightly better Greg Oden’s. Yes, Rose delivered an MVP season once. Since then his knees have taken a bigger beating than a hooker on Madison Avenue. Hope this isn’t it for D-Rose, he was damn fun to watch.

Kaner, meanwhile, could still technically make in back in time to murder the playoffs. And I hope he does, because let’s be honest, the playoffs just aren’t the playoffs without Kaner.

But Ovechkin’s MVP hopes just skyrocketed to infinity billion.

At least Chi fans won’t be disappointed again until the Cubs season starts in April.

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