Edmonton Voted Worst NHL City To Play In, Again


 Source – The results of the poll, revealed Wednesday, are mostly unsurprising — give or take Toronto making the top five — but the message is depressingly consistent.

To summarize: ABC. Anywhere But Canada (or Buffalo, that honorary Canadian city.)

“I hate to say it, but it’s the Canadian teams,” said one agent quoted by Custance. “Vancouver would be the most desirable out of those teams. There’s Winnipeg and Edmonton, Toronto because of all the bad media … and Montreal. Either you love it or hate it.”

“I can tell you, it’s pretty much automatic that Edmonton and Winnipeg are the first two names anyone comes up with,” said another agent.

“Much like this year’s draft,” Custance wrote, “the only debate was over the third team.”

Edmonton had five first-place votes and was named on every ballot, as was second-place Winnipeg.

Buffalo was third. Ottawa and Toronto tied for fourth/fifth.


No shit. Ask any sane human on this planet if they’d like to play for a last place team with vicious media where the only habitable months outside occur during the offseason and tell me what’d they’d say. Besides the fact that Edmonton is quite literally a dump with nothing to do but drink, this is a franchise that quite frankly hasn’t really done shit for almost three decades – with the exception of one miracle year where Chris Pronger almost single handedly won us a Cup, then ultimately ditched us too. We are the worst team in the world buried under 1,000 feet of snow and closer to the arctic circle than any other team in the league. Congrats, National Post and ESPN. You really showed us what we already know!

The real kick to the cojones here belongs to Toronto. Not only are those poor bastards tied with Ottawa, they’re stuck in the bottom five with the Big Three. I mean yes, they’re a stones throw from Buffalo and Detroit – whose winters are dog shit too – but they’re a massive market with a lot of things to do. In winter you can see some NBA games Oh how bad things must be to have people almost rather play in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Buffalo.

PS – Only reason Winnipeg is higher than us is because they have a playoff spot and you’re human chromosome 21 has a genomic imbalance if you think otherwise.

h/t Brad

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