Oilers Give Klinkhammer One Year Extension




YES! Love me another year of Bobby Klinks hockey. You could tell the team was lost without him in the shootout on Wednesday, however there were more important things going on in his life:

Like for instance, giving his son the greatest name in human history. Gunnar Klinkhammer!! WOAH!! Most obvious future grinder of all time. Bobby Klinks. Unreal guy.

That’s why I love him. Watches the birth of his child, then watches the boys break hearts all over Boston but offers his services anyways just in case. Need 100 more Bobby Klinkhammer’s on the Oil.

PS – Since Todd took over I haven’t cheered against the Oil once. Unfortunately that’s going to have to change tonight. Not that I don’t love them, but NEED Minny to get a W for the sake of Calgary missing the playoffs. I don’t think that’s too selfish of me. Off to a good start by calling up a fake person.


Legitimately thought that was a typo by Gregor when he said Oesterle. Did not know that was a
person. Can honestly say I’m surprised it took us this long to call up somebody I’ve never heard of.

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