Rexall Place Still Wanted Despite New Arena, Poll


Source – More than two-thirds of respondents to a Northlands survey want Rexall Place to keep operating, figures released Thursday show. The non-profit society is looking at what to do with Rexall once the Oilers and Oil Kings move to the new downtown arena in 2016. Out of 26,000 people who completed the online survey in December and January, 40 per cent felt the structure should be refitted for other purposes. Another 30 per cent wanted to keep Rexall as is, while 14 per cent supported tearing it down.

The most common uses suggested for a renovated building were as a concert hall, a destination shopping area similar to Vancouver’s Granville Island market, or a housing and recreation centre. Northlands president Tim Reid said the public doesn’t want cutthroat competition between Rexall and the Katz Group’s Rogers Place.

“We need to find an opportunity to collaborate with the downtown arena,” he told a news conference.

“I think what folks are telling us is battling between two large arenas in Edmonton is not what they want to do.”

If we’re being honest I’m not even sure the Coliseum can be torn down. It’s quite literally an indestructible conrete slab. Look at this beast:


No way in shit anybody’s going to take that behemoth down.

My biggest concern isn’t what’s going to happen to Rexall once the Oilers move downtown. I’m sure they’ll be fine. There’s always smaller venue concerts and my boys the Rush will still need a home barn to play in. As far as I know the Black and Silver aren’t moving to Rogers Place. My biggest concern is for the wellfare of poor YEG Dance Club across the street. Goddammit, hate the see the local taverns go out of business, but let’s be honest here life support won’t save them after the Oilers move. I mean yeah, I’ve never actually stepped foot in there because I’m pretty sure it’s littered with aids. But those poor regulars who we’re walking into that establishment even while it was Diesel and Whisky Rock and whatever the fuck else it’s been the last like five years will need to find a new dance club to show off their fire moves. Their only customers starting in 2016 will be Coliseum Inn guests and some of the finer residents of the Northlands area. What a crowd that’s gonna be. Pray for YEG.

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