The Madness Begins


And so the madness begins. The Blue Guys have finished their regular season obliteration of the CJHL, and Merch Madness is upon us again with another Presidents Trophy for the shelf. Just how good was their season? Well Connor Croken’s former team finished in second, a healthy seven points behind us. Gross. And you better believe the Merch finished 93 PIMs higher than the next closest team in the league. Look at this punk ass kid trying to get by my boy Taylor Wiebe:


Atta kid Wieber, dammit rights. Emasculation city. Number 7 for sure quit hockey after that play.

But now the regular season is over, and our second Christmas has arrived. Couldn’t think of a better weekend for Merch Madness to begin its complete takeover of St. Albert than the finale weekend of Reading Week. Ridiculously great timing. Seriously love getting absolutely hosed at the local barn during Merch playoff games. Tonight we see the Stony Plain Flyers make the trip down the Henday to take on the Merchants in game one of the best of five series. I went to Stony Plain once. Dump.



Ty Clelland will be in the pipes for the boys tonight. Ty’s season ended with a slightly above .500 record of 24-1. It’s never easy coming into a system to replace a hall of famer like Pawly, but Clelland did a hell of a job.

What Needs To Happen

Well the barn should be Seattle loud by puck drop, so the boys need to ride that energy all night long. Stony’s season may have been incredibly average, but their top line was electric. But when your back six features the likes of Danny Rombough, Jared Kwasney, Blair Johnson and Jed Groenenboom you don’t worry about one line. We also have a guy named Karmen Ward ever heard of him? Guy blocks more shots than Dikembe Mutombo.

Up front, the league’s highest scoring offense goes to work tonight against that Flyers stingy defense, who only gave up 133 goals this year. I do know, however, that of those 133 goals against, 19 of them came courtesy of the Blue Guys. It’s impossible not to bury 1,000 goals when you’re offense has names like Casey Reid, Mike Roeleveld, Blair Macuch, Brent McGugan and Josh Jewell. Holy shit. Going to be a long night for Stony goalie and possible porn star Courtney Lane. Courtney’s stats were surprisingly decent this season, but he also shares the same name as the servant from Your Highness with the bowl cut.



What Will Happen

The last two times the Merch played Stony we outscored them by a combined 13-5.


It’s the playoffs. The Madness is back. I fully expect the boys to come out ready to go. The Dale will be absolutely electric, so if you’re a good St. Albert citizen get your ass to those seats benches tonight. Merch win 5-2. Yak with three.



PS – Here’s the Merch playoff teaser video from last year to get you real fired up. Enjoy.

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