ENS Gameday Preview: Maple Leafs @ Oilers


The game we’ve all been waiting for. Oilers. Leafs. Flint Michigan Mega Bowl. After what was a classic Oilers road trip (0-3-2), they’re back in action at Rexall tonight to take on the Maple Leafs. Since Toronto fired Randy Carlyle, they have one(!!!) win on the road in eighteen games. That’s the type of run that makes even Oilers fan cringe. But not me. No sir. I couldn’t be happier watching the Leafs squirm in the basement of the Eastern Conference. With that being said, if they win the lottery and draft McDavid I’m going to exile myself to Siberia. Leafs coverage is already unbearable enough, if McJesus ends up there I’m 99% sure that SportsCentre every night will just be an hour long program of Darren Dreger discussing what McDavid ate for breakfast that day.  It makes me cry a little bit every time I think of it.


Pouliot – RNH – Eberle

Yakupov – Roy – Purcell

Handricks – Gordon – Klinkhammer

Hamilton – Lander – Fraser

Kelfbom – Schultz

Marincin – Fayne

Aulie – Ference


Taylor Hall and Nikita Nikitin will be back in action sometime this week if anyone still cares.

What Needs To Happen

The Oilers gave up 5 or more goals in four games during their road trip. So if Ben Scrivens could go ahead and mix in a save from time to time that would be spectacular.

What Can’t Happen

The Oilers can’t actually lose to the Leafs again, right? Right?

What Is Going To Happen

The Leafs? Bums. Oilers win 6-2. Yak with 4.

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