Jim Prentice Is A Bum



Source – Even before Premier Jim Prentice and his Conservative Party make you miserable with health premiums and higher taxes, Albertans can already lay claim to the most dismal surcharge of all — because when it comes to booze, we lose.

“I’ve heard it’s astronomical up there, and we have Canadians coming in here all the time to stock up. There’s a limit to how much they can take, of course,” says Sharla Mccauley, of Grizzly Liquor in Missoula, Montana.

“I feel sorry for you.”

Not half as sorry as Albertans will feel if the provincial budget includes another hike to sin taxes, which already have us paying the highest beer prices in Canada, thanks to a combination of government mark-up, wholesale prices via Alberta’s liquor distribution monopoly, and federal duties.


I try not to talk about politics on this site because to be honest I don’t give a shit, but this is outrageous. Jim Prentice is a bum. When it’s -30°C on a casual Thursday in January and the Oil are getting spanked by pretty much any team in the league even my sweet, soft-spoken mother needs some liquor to get through the pain. Alberta and liquor go together like PB&J yet we still pay a billion dollars for a six pack. Now this communist is spiking the prices again because we clearly aren’t being bled enough for living in this arctic wasteland. It’s going to be cheaper to buy beer in the goddamn Yukon and I don’t even think there’s grass up there.

The three biggest hikes appear to be alcohol, gas and tobacco. A big flaming dump in the face of all Albertans, in particular, the riggers up north who sometimes consume all three at once. While most Albertans were in favour of hiking corporate taxes and graduated income taxes, Osama bin Prentice elected to charge even more for alcohol instead. The worst part is this province is s’damn Conservative that you know they’ll get elected again anyways. There’s absolutely no other competition in the province. We’re so Conservative that we, as citizens, thought it was a good idea to allow Redford to run the place. Absurd. Well if they’re going to win again he should at least be punished for this royal debacle. Like, maybe we should make him sit through every Oilers game next year. That way he’ll understand why it’s impossible to charge that much for alcohol. He can even sit beside der Führer all game, I have a feeling they get along. After all, Katz knows how devastating it is to lose, as demonstrated by his touching comments from the first episode ever of Oil Change:

He even has a shit eater grin on as he fakes being sincere. The good news is at least Katz and Rexall won’t be getting taxed to death so he can afford all that overpriced beer he’ll need to get through even more devastating losses.

PS –

Teams go quickly from bottom to the top, and we’re going to be a shining example of that.

– Daryl Katz (2010)

Define quickly?

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