Nikitin Being Called A Top 4 Defenseman Perfectly Sums Up The State Of The Oilers



Top four defenseman. Three words and six syllables that should never, ever be used when talking about Nikita Nikitin again. The worst part is I don’t even think MacT believes what he’s saying. I just think he never wants to admit he’s wrong. Even when he fired Eakins 31 seconds after saying he wasn’t going to fire Eakins he still managed to deter the attention from his wrongdoing. He admitted to having blood on his hands – generally something that happens when you axe a guy – then proceeded to talk about what everybody else has to do to make this better. Now what? He gave a piece of shit fat Russian defenseman who couldn’t cover his mother $9-mil over two years and it clearly blew up in his face. Just like Belov did. Just like Grebeshkov did. If anything MacT needs to stay the fuck away from Russian defenseman. Or at least pick up a player who doesn’t do this:

Ryan Strome, Nikita Nikitin, Ben Scrivens

That right there’s your $4.5-million defenseman getting pushed by all 180 lbs of Ryan Strome into our own goalie. Textbook defense. He even falls like shit.

PS – Get your liquor ready:


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