Your Life Is Not As Bad As The Raptors Right Now

Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers

I’m starting to worry about my boys.

The Raptors last seven games have been ugly. In that stretch they’ve gone 1-6; their lone win coming against the NCAA-D2AA Philadelphia 76’ers. That stretch includes two fourth quater leads blown, a couple fistings and the worst part – a loss to the fucking Knicks. The good news is they play in the worst division in the world, with the closest team being a cool 13 games back. the bad news is, their recent debacle has dropped them to third in the conference and that may as well be fourth given the way Cleveland has played of late. Life’s bad enough as is right now what with the Oilers being Oilerz, the Colts crushing offseason mode and the Braves dressing what appears to be the worst outfield of all time.


Eury Perez oh no.

The Raps made no moves at the deadline to keep pace with teams like Cleveland and Chicago, since nobody is catching Atlanta. I get that you can’t sacrifice the future for one run but their small forward position has been brutal all year and resutled in T-Ross getting a big sniff of pine. His replacement, James Johnson, has more tattoos than shots made the last five games. Things are bad, but this has been a problem all season long. They didn’t feel the need to address this at or before the deadline because they won so many games early on. They were winning those games though because of a ridiculously high shooting percentage that won them a number of close games. Now nobody is making shots and it looks like hell is freezing over.

The East is top end loaded. The top five are so much better than the rest of the conference, and at least on paper it looks critical that the Raptors stay in the top three to avoid a first round matchup against Washington. But I don’t think it is. The Raptors cannot beat Chicago or Cleveland right now, but they’ve had success all season long against Atlanta and Wahsington. With only 21 games left, if they continue to suck they’ll face the Wizards in the first round with home court advantage then (likely) the Hawks in the second round. I hate to say it but that actually might be their best shot at reaching the Conference Finals. Essentially what I’m saying is things are bad, but I’m not panicing. I’m worried because I’ve been looking forward to the Raps playoffs since the Oilers got mathematically eliminated in October, but I’m not worried because I know they’re better than this. And I NEED them to be better than this, because chances are this is the only playoffs where I can enjoy one of my teams playing until January next year. Also I’m just trying to spin this as best as possible because that’s what you do when you’re a fan and everything’s going for shit.

Big game against Charlotte tomorrow. Need a big game outta the fellas so I can love their chances at a run again. Yak with 5.

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