The Eagles Just Traded LeSean McCoy To Buffalo For A Linebacker…

I’m just trying to enjoy my goddamn Tuesday and the Eagles are putting me to work. LeSean McCoy is officially a Buffalo Bill, oh my goodness. In return the Eagles grab linebacker Kiko Alonso who I don’t know a lot about but I’m pretty sure was the guy from Million Dollar Arm Mr. JB sir was trying to sign. Incredible. Big trades almost never happen in the NFL because Trent Richardson but holy shit this is a franchise changer. Unlike T-Rich, McCoy is an elite back who has had multiple stellar seasons in the league. Chip, meanwhile, gets some linebacker who won him absolutely no National Championships at Oregon. Unreal. Chip’s either a magician or is about to single handedly obliterate a franchise.

PS – I don’t really care because I’m not an Eagles fan and Buffalo isn’t in the Colts division, so if this trade in any way helps Buffalo be better than New England sign me the hell up.

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