Two-Year-Old Gets Buckled After She’s Served Sangria Instead Of Juice


Source – A two-year-old was accidentally served sangria at a Texas Roadhouse in Asheville, North Carolina last Friday. According to WLOS, the Gilliam family was at the restaurant to celebrate the 25th birthday of Derek Gilliam. The couple ordered food and a cranberry juice for their toddler Gabriela but when she sipped the drink, she said that it “tasted funny.” When Derek and his wife Tiffany tasted it, they realized their daughter had been served sangria instead of juice.

The alcohol had a serious affect on Gabriela: Tiffany tells WLOS that “she was staggering and she was kissing everything.” She was also throwing up. Eventually, the Gilliams took Gabriela to the hospital where the doctors offered up a pretty obvious diagnosis of “accidental alcohol ingestion.” Tiffany tells the news station that she had to “rub her belly the whole night” and that she was scared Gabriela would “choke on her throw up and not wake up.”


Gabby!! You playa!!. If I’m the father I’m locking up that daughter for life. Two-years-old and already kissing everything while she’s blackout at a casual Texas Roadhouse. That actually sounds like me on a Friday except she was actually kissing things. Go figure. A two-year-old gets turnt at a Texas Roadhouse and still gets more than me every time I go out. The only things meeting my mouth on a night out is about 4-6 darts and the 3 lb jumbo donair I pick up after last call. Who do you think had a worse Saturday: Gabby’s parents for having their toddler consume alcohol, or Gabby for that VICIOUS hangover she ultimately picked up? Been there 1,000 times Gabby. Tylenol, waters and football toots, trust me it helps. Hah, hangovers.

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