Get Ready for the McJesus Era, Oilers Fans



Here we are two days later and I still simply cannot believe what transpired on Saturday. It’s real. You better believe it. It just doesn’t feel like it yet. The fact that hockey’s next superstar is going to be playing in our backyard for years to come is unbelievable. It’s been almost 27 years since the Great One was shipped out of town to Los Angeles, and now we are lucky enough to witness the next great NHL star in Edmonton decades later. It’s unbelievable. I’ve never experienced a better feeling in my lifetime as an Oilers fan.

Pretty much everyone in the hockey world outside of Edmonton is irate. Four first overall picks in six years just doesn’t seem fair to everybody else. We know the Oilers are bad. We know that Daryl Katz and his team of maroons is the reason we even had a chance at this. We didn’t plan on fluking our way to McJesus. We didn’t think this was going to happen, and, we all could not be happier. But to be honest, the absolute beating the Oilers are taking around the NHL is the icing on the cake.


Thank God for this hot take from Bruce Arthur. Don’t worry guys, just because Canada’s next great player is going to end up in Edmonton doesn’t mean all of Canada has to root for him to fail.  I’m sure everyone was wondering whether or not they should root for a good Canadian to crash and burn. Or what about Pierre Lebrun saying a team who didn’t tank deserved to win? That would be a good theory if not for the fact that the Oilers were probably the only team in the bottom five who didn’t deliberately tank their season into the gutter. We just sucked. Plain and simple. It’s nothing but whining coming from around the NHL and I could not love it more.

They can complain all they want that the Oilers’ incompetence handed us the likes of Taylor Hall, RNH, Yakupov and now McDavid. You bet your ass it did. We haven’t had anything to cheer for but those young guys. I can’t even imagine where we’d be without Taylor Hall or Nuge. We had an 11.5 percent chance of winning the lottery, and we won. Simple as that. Fair and square. Our already very good first overall picks are going to be joined by a great first overall pick and literally everybody hates us for it. So now Oilers fans should do the same. We should want to rub it right in everyone’s face. We should want to hold their heads down and drive their noses right into the fact that the Oilers win more lotteries than most teams have Cups. They’re not the ones who have had to sit through 82 games of terrible hockey every year  while everyone else around the league sat up on their high horses and made fun of us. Being an Oilers fan is part of who I am. It will never change. I love it and always have. But I can say with 100 percent certainty that being an Oil fan now will be approximately a billion times better since we’re the number one enemy in the league. Go ahead, everybody. Hate us. We dare you. We thrive on your hate. It will only make it that much better for us when we’re drinking your tears and watching our platoon of first overall picks shit all over the rest of the league for years to come. Let me see you cry!

Its a new era of Oilers hockey. It still might take us a while to get there because Oilers, but this is massive. Daryl Katz and his management team have run this franchise into the ground since he took over ownership back in 2008. We’ve stunk. It’s been one of the worst decades in the history of professional sports. Oilers fans know that, and there’s nothing we could do but sit back and watch a 9 year long dumpster fire burn. But since Saturday night, we know with a few additions on defense and in goal, we can now all but guarantee those days will be behind us, it’s just a matter of how fast MacT can get his shit together. Daryl Katz and his buddies might not deserve it, but Oilers fans sure as hell do. And If everyone outside of Edmonton is going to hate us for it no matter what, we might as well be the most hateable pricks in the league. Go Oilers Go!

Everyone else can eat shit.


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