Has Anybody Checked On Winnipeg Today?


In particular that person. There probably wasn’t a sadder sports fan in the world at the time than her. She got all dressed up and threw on her ridiculous Budweiser goal light bucket in hopes that she’d see the city’s first real playoff win in 19 years, only to get Paveleced for the fourth straight game. Relax, guys. There’s always next year! It’s not like you’ve been relocated, that’d be a real bummer.

PS – Nobody was happier than me to see Pavelec go full Pavelec but even I started to feel bad for Jets fans. Nothing like knowing your team is so close but not having a goalie to mix in one competent game. If they get that part of their game fixed next year there’s no question this team could do some damage.

h/t Barstool

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