Jim Prentice Ironically Plays ‘Burn It To The Ground’ As His Election Call Pump Up Song


Source – Alberta Premier Jim Prentice’s decision to call an election Tuesday morning came as little surprise to observers, many of whom were more amazed by the choice of Nickelback’s Burn It To The Ground as a “warm up” song for the cheering crowd at the press event in Edmonton prior to the premier’s arrival.


Bold move using a Nickeback song in 2015. It’s funny because if you look closely you can actually see Alberta being burned to the ground under Jim’s tremendous leadership.

Ohhh, that shit makes me bat-shit crazy!

Your budget, your ideas and basically your overall outlook on life.

We got no class, no taste, no shirt, ‘n’ shitfaced! We got no fear, no doubt, all in, balls out.


Hahaha oh Jim bud. Power move. Needed to be at this press event to see the faces when Chad Kroeger dropped ‘shitfaced’ and ‘balls out’.

We’re going out tonight to kick out every light, take anything we want, drink everything in sight.

Well we would drink everything in sight but we’d be broke thanks to the new budget.

PS – Touché:

What kind of grown ass adult dances to Nickelback?

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