According to Reports, The Oilers Will Name Todd McLellan Their New Head Coach Today




Well we pretty much knew this has been coming for a couple of weeks now. When it became public knowledge that Pete Chiarelli and the Oilers did not necessarily show a ton of interest in Mike Babcock, it was pretty obvious they thought they had found their guy in McLellan. According to several reports, Jay Woodcroft, who was Todd’s right hand man in San Jose, will also be coming to Oil Country fill one of the assistant coaching spots.

Todd McLellan’s experience brings an element behind the bench that the Oilers and their younger players have severely lacked over the last couple of seasons. He won a Stanley Cup as an assistant coach in 2008, San Jose has been a force for years, and he just coached Team Canada to their first world championship since 2007  where Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle both enjoyed great tournaments playing marquee roles for the team. McLellan is also renowned for being able to coach the living shit out of a powerplay. The Sharks have had one of the deadliest PPs in the league for the past decade and it’s not because of luck. Sure, they had some great players during that time, but guess what? So do the Oilers. With Connor McDavid soon to join Hallsy, Ebs, Nuge, Yak, and Leon, McLellan should have the firepower available for him to assemble two dangerous PP units, which I’m sure made the Edmonton job even more attractive.


What does this mean for Todd Nelson? Well it definitely means that he won’t be returning as head coach of the club. However, there has been no news yet on whether he will be willing to take on an associate role. The guy is a beauty and he was a great fit in Edmonton, but it would have been hard to justify keeping him when there are top notch coaches like McLellan and Babcock available. Although if we’re being honest here, Nelly did great work with a severely bad lineup down the stretch last year and that surely did not go unnoticed around the league. Anyone who reads our website knows that ENS drove the Todd Nelson bandwagon this year, and I know I speak for Snash as well, we both truly hope that Nelly has success in the NHL as a head coach whether it is next season or not. For selfish reasons, I would love to see Nelly stick around to form a Sasky power duo with McLellan, and there’s still a chance that could happen.

Stay tuned for more.

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