Coveted NCAA Free Agent Goaltender, Matt O’Connor, Opts Not to Sign In Edmonton

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Finally. It seemed like it took ten months for this guy to figure out which NHL team he wanted to pay him a million dollars next year. According to Mark Spector, O’Connor’s final decision was narrowed down to the mighty Oil, Vancouver, Ottawa, and the New York Rangers. He decided to go to Ottawa as if he’s never heard of Connor McDavid or something. He’s an Ontario kid so I kind of get it, but still, come on. I’m very interested to see how O’Connor turns out though. Most people had probably never heard of him being a top shelf prospect until this year, and from what I’ve seen of him he looks like a good bet. Other than the crippling goal he this year in the NCAA National Championship game.

I don’t care what anyone says, that goal could be impossible to bounce back from right? He probably has Tommy Salo Syndrome now. No way that doesn’t haunt that poor guy every night and I kind of feel bad for him. Since he didn’t sign in Vancouver, I actually hope O’Connor bounces back next year.

What does this mean for the Oilers? Well they were seriously in the running for one of the most sought after free agents this year which is always a positive. It means that they still have to seriously address their goaltending depth this summer at both the NHL and minor league levels. But maybe this is all one big blessing in disguise. Maybe now Peter Chiarelli will be able to swindle Craig Anderson away from the Sens for a second round pick at the draft this year. Maybe it will open the door for another UFA goalie to sign here this summer. It’s hard to believe anyone wouldn’t want to sign here right now with McJesus and new barn on the way, and the Oilers’ sudden urge to make actual moves in their hockey operations department. Matt O’Connor is going to miss out big time. Plus, remember what happened the last time the Oilers signed a highly coveted NCAA free agent?

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