McDavid Report: He Had Four Points Yesterday, They Still Lost





Dammit. Does Erie goalie Devin Williams want to mix in a save at some point this series? He’s now given up 18 goals in four games. Cool 4.50 GAA bud. El Capitano just had yet another four point game in the playoffs and you were busy letting in six goals on 32 shots. Figure it out.


So McCarriesTheTeamOnHisBack now has seven points in four games this series, against the best defensive team in junior hockey. For literally anybody else, those are sickening numbers. But it’s McJesus, and people have been calling him human. Because you know, human hockey players average 1.75 points-per-game in a championship series against a shutdown juggernaut. In game two Connor McDavid never registered a point. Prepare to puke. That was only the third time all season he failed to pick up a point in a game. Three times. In 66 games. In almost 96% of the games he plays, this freak gets at least one point. Yesterday he had four, because that’s what humans do.

Game five goes Friday night in Oshawa, in what could be Connor McJesus’s final game ever as an Erie Otter. I wonder if McDavid will be silent in that do-or-die game five?

“I look forward to coming back to [Erie] on Sunday [for Game 6],” McDavid said.

Seriously I’m worried about the lives of all 20 Oshawa Generals players on Friday. Their families are going to be there to watch and everything. Pray for those kids.

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