Oilers (Hope) To Have A Coach By The End Of The Month



First of all, shout out to Hank the Tank for keeping things rolling at ENS while I crushed yet another vacation.

Now then, the Oilers are hoping to have their bench boss picked out by the end of the month. I guess I’ll start by saying ENS is fully on board with a little Todd n’ Todd next year. Mike Babcock is the hot girl at the bar. Everybody wants to knock boots with him, but he’s being coy and wants to take his time before making a decision. Heading into arguably the most important season/era in decades, however, the Oilers can’t afford to wait on Babcock and lose out on another chance to take somebody else home. And the more I think about it, the more I feel that one (or both) of the Todd’s would be the ideal fit in Edmonton next year. As Semisonic says, I know who I want to take me home. Two of our best players have been playing under McLellan for the past few weeks and have excelled. Our team played exceptionally well, given the circumstances, under Nelly last season. Why take a chance on anything else when we know the chemistry is already there with two other quality head coaches? Thus, if anybody named Todd is our head coach next season, that’s a win for the Oilers. In Chiarelli we trust.

PS – Love these guys.

About a month away from ‘Skos football and more sacks courtesy of my boy Odell Willis.



PSS – You think Stephan was butt hurt about that tweet?


What a hardo. He also corrected everybody’s grammar that let him have it.


What an animal.

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