The Eskimos Delivered a Fatal Blow to Calgary Flames Fans Everywhere Last Night

Live look at the Calgary Flames:

I could not love that tweet by the Eskimos even the slightest bit more if I tried to. It came out of nowhere. A sucker punch right in the mouth for every Flames’ fan on the planet. There’s no way on earth the Oilers would have been able to tweet something like that without getting crucified by everyone on hockey Twitter, but don’t worry, that’s what the Eskies are here for. They’ve got it covered for Oil fans. Pack mentality like you read about.

Goodbye, Calgary! I hope you enjoyed your luck success this year and you’re 15th overall pick, because Connor McDavid is coming to haunt your dreams starting in October. Quack quack quack.


PS – What a zinger from this guy


Good job. Good effort.



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