Pistol Pete Doing Work! The Oilers Have Acquired Cam Talbot



BOOM! Atta boy Pistol! Considering last night we were hearing that it would take at least a top-30 pick to grab Talbot trading 57, 79 and 184 seems extremely reasonable. And makes Buffalo’s trade with Ottawa seem even more hilarious. Hope those mushrooms were good, Timbo slice.

So Cam Talbot is coming to the Oilers, and will almost undoubtedly take over the starting role, assuming Scrivens still is Scrivens. In 53 career games, Talbot has posted a 33-15-5 record. His rookie season seen him sport a 1.64 GAA and a 0.941 S% in 21 games.People will be freaking out thinking he’s unproven or he’s the by-product of a good team. But really? The guy’s 27-years-old. He’s not inexperienced, he was properly developed and just about to enter his prime. He was the understudy of a guy named Henrik Lundqvist maybe you’ve heard of him. And yes, the Rangers are a good team. But they gave up 29.5 shots per game last season, which was exactly the league average. So no, it’s not a similar situation to the Ben Scrivens move.

After taking over the starting duties this season once Lundqvist went down, Talbot kept his strong play going. In 36 games he went 21-9-4 with a 2.21 GAA and a 0.926 S%, both good enough for 4th in the league in their respective categories, and both higher than Lundqvist’s numbers. In fact, the guy’s largely responsible for getting the Rangers in first place thanks to his strong play when the King went down. What stands out to me is that Talbot put up Lundvist numbers while filling in for the injured star. Love this move by Pistol. We have ourselves a goalie!

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