Taylor Hall Won Twitter Last Night


Taylor Hall knocked it out of the park with this tweet and that’s beyond obvious. 10/10 hall of fame tweet. He put the Oilers in a body bag. An absolute slap in the face to anyone who’s had anything to do with the train wreck that has been the Edmonton Oilers for the last five years.


Unfortunately there are so many idiotic mouth breathers out there that apparently don’t have anything to even remotely resemble a sense of humor. I’ll say it like this…. If you didn’t realize this tweet was a joke at the expense of himself/the Oilers, you need to take a toaster bath immediately.

It’s not Taylor Hall’s fault that the guys running this team have surrounded him with elite defensemen like Cam Barker, Phil Larsen and Anton Belov every year since he’s been in the league. It’s not his fault that the team employed AHL goaltending last year, or that they hired that bum Dallas Eakins who couldn’t coach his way out of a corn maze. Taylor Hall has suffered through a million losses in the five years he’s been in the NHL so as far as I’m concerned he should be able to make any joke about the Oilers he wants.  There may not be anyone on the planet more deserving of this franchise turning around than Hall so everyone who didn’t like this tweet needs to give their head a shake.

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