The Video For Edmonton’s ‘Ice District’ Is Absolutely Electric


WOAH! Basically everything we already knew was coming, mixed into one electrifying 3m10s long video. Looking at downtown right now, which some would describe as a dump, and seeing how this district is going to look in two years is unbelievably exciting. It looks absolutely nothing like how Edmonton looks right now, and that’s awesome, because of Edmonton right now.

The video started off extremely weird with some bro wearing a Robin mask literally beating the shit out of ice.


Then there was this fucking thing:




Good lord baby McJesus that looks sick. Not sure if I’m looking at LA or Edmonton right now. That new “luxury hotel” will likely be an upgrade on the current luxury hotel we look at leaving Oilers games.


Other highlights from the video include the public plaza, where I seriously hope those life-sized chess games will not be accessible after a Saturday night BoA because if so look out:


Also the movie theatre, in case I feel like catching a flick before watching McDaddy make Dougie Hamilton look like a vending machine.

The place where in all likelihood I’ll be paying rent at after games:


When the speaker said “Vegas style casino” I almost jumped out of my seat.

The smaller venue concerts, which will likely be the only time I can afford to sit in the lower bowl:


And of course, the hockey games:


Where if you look really closely in the top left corner you’ll see where the ENS company seats will be. Most disappointing part is I can’t see the oil derrick hanging from the roof of the new barn. Devastating. I haven’t heard if they’re bringing it to the palace or not yet but goddammit I hope so. Such an underappreciated part of Oil games.

I do love that we’re taking the Jets to school in the first period though. Classic Pavalec.


Bold move by the artist/video coordinator to show clips from a Oil/Pens game but have us putting the Jets in a body bag.


PS – I’m 100% calling Northlands the “Concrete District” this season.

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