Days Until The First Oilers Game: 43 – Jason Strudwick


Today’s Player: Jason Strudwick. UNCLE STRUDDY. DJ SUITCASE! My man. First player I’ve done on this countdown that I haven’t despised.

Career Oilers Stats:

186 2 15 17 133 -38

Those are not good. But this is the only one that matters:

Career shootout attempts: 1
Career shootout goals: 1

The guy was a professional hockey player for 16 years and the most games he played in a season prior to playing in Edmonton was 65 games. He played in a total of 7 career playoff games because he played for teams during their worst eras ever. He barely played for the Islanders. He played for the Canucks during the pre-Sedin years. He played for the Blackhawks during the time where 4,000 fans were showing up to games. He played for the Rangers during Lundqvist’s first few years. And he played for the Oilers during the Oilerz years. The poor guy played for all the worst teams not named Columbus. He deserves a medal.

Why We Liked Him:

Struddy might have been the most liked Oiler off the ice during the second rebuild. A good Edmonton kid who came home to finish his career with his hometown team. His teammates loved him, the fans loved him. I loved him so much I vividly remember the two goals he scored as an Oiler. Never has a 7/8 defenseman looked so good in Oilers colours. He and Geoff Sanderson were the most Oilers players ever to join the Oilers late in their careers. The guy was meant to be a lifer in the Copper and Blue. Imagine if we had Struddy in ’06? Four game sweep over Carolina, guaranteed.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:

Well he was old, slow and turned like a semi. We used him as a fourth line forward for a little bit because he was just so bad on the point, but we loved having him in the dressing room. His him and another 9/12 defenseman Taylor Chorney getting roasted on a 3m45s long shift:


Unbelievable. Like it’s not a stretch to think that might have been the worst shift in hockey history. Also on the ice for that blitzkrieg was, not surprisingly, Ryan Potulny, Marc-Antoine Pouliot and Fernando Pisani. Jeff Deslauries was in the pipes. If you were wondering why the boys were down 3-0 mid-second that should answer your question. I have no idea how we didn’t lose every game.

Where Is He Now?

He’s currently serving as the host of CityTV’s Dinner Television. Haven’t seen it.

Before that he was one of the only Oilers radio show hosts that you could actually listen to without wanting to jump out of your moving vehicle. How this guy isn’t on the Oilers coaching staff yet is baffling. After playing three years with the team he immediately went to radio following his career to talk about said team. Need him behind the bench with Clelly.

He also had a stint on Battle of the Blades, which I thought was Dancing with the Stars until about five minutes ago.

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