Days Until The First Oilers Game: 48 – Alex Plante


Today’s Player: Alex Plante.

Anytime you’ve got a guy of that size who can move the puck and shoot the puck, he’s an asset to your organization.
– Kevin Prendergast on Alex Plante

Career Oilers Stats:

10 0 2 2 15 -1

Yesterday we featured Teddy Peckman, who’s getting ready to play his first season in England. Today’s player is somehow worse. This former first round debacle was basically the guillotine to Kevin Prendergast’s scouting career with the Oilers (we then promoted him to assistant general manager HERE COME THE OILERS). We took this immovable object 15th overall in the 2007 draft over Max Pacioretty and another former Oilers first round bust, Riley Nash.

Why We Liked Him:

We didn’t.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:

There’s a laundry list of reasons. This skid marked sumo thong of a hockey player was so bad I can’t even find a gif of him in the NHL. The only clip on YouTube I could find of him that wasn’t in the preseason/minors was him fighting Cody McLeod for absolutely no reason at all.


Most shocking part about that clip was we were beating the tar off Colorado with Alex Plante and Jumbo Jim Vandermeer as a real defensive pair. Then I remembered we were the only team worse than Colorado in 2011.

After giving the Oilers an electrifying 10 career games, Plante left the Oilers on relatively unknown terms just two years ago. It’s incredible to think that a player of this ineptitude was still under contract during Yak’s first season. He was so bad I thought he was still part of our system somewhere. I keep waiting for that Greyhound Bus we drafted in the first round to finally make his way into the NHL but the mythical beast is gone. Actually, I’m shocked he played in 10 games. Does anybody actually ever remember him playing for us? I remind you, this was the FIFTEENTH overall pick. Three years ago we held onto Plante thinking he could still be part of our future. After the Oilers, 29 other NHL franchises, 30 AHL franchises and any relevant European League you’ve ever heard of wouldn’t sign Plante, he landed in the powerhouse Austrian League with Dornbirner EC. After they even got sick of his shit, Plante had a brief stint with Lorenskog IK in Norway.

Where Is He Now?

If you’re looking for Alex now, he’s found a home with Anyang Halla of the Asia League Ice Hockey (ALH). Seriously. Anyang Halla is a real team in a real Asian Hockey League that a real Oilers first round pick from eight years ago is currently under contract with. Here’s a picture of stud Anyang defenseman Cho Hyung-gan doing God knows what with his stick while an opposing player struggles to stay on his feet in the background:


That also might be the puck in the background, completely the other way from where Cho is skating. Plante will battle Cho for ice time next year.

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