McJesus and Hall Spent the Week in Toronto Winning the Coveted Biosteel Cup


While all of you slugs spent your week enjoying what’s left of the summer, Edmonton’s newest dynamic duo was in Toronto putting on a show at the Biosteel camp. I know what you’re thinking: “What in the flying fuck is the Biosteel camp?” Well it’s a training camp tune up for NHL players that features a final round robin tournament on the last day, and in the least shocking news of all time, our boys Taylor Hall and Connor McDavid loaded up the rest of Team Cammalleri on their backs and carried them all the way to the championship.

After a four-year drought, all Cammalleri needed to hoist his second BioSteel Cup — the chalice awarded annually to the pre-training-camp camp’s four-on-four tournament champs — was a little help from the NHL’s speediest and most anticipated new duo: McDavid and Taylor Hall. 

“The on-ice stuff we can all see, it’s all blatantly obvious, but it’s impressive to get to know him as a person also,” says Cammalleri, 33. “Just really impressed with the way he treats people and the way he is. He’s a pleasant guy to be around, the nicest kid. There’s a level of humility to him.” SOURCE

Obviously this is just what Oilers fans needed heading into the weekend. The sweet comfort of knowing that we’ll be able to watch McJesus and Hall blow by defensemen all year long while providing us with highlight reel goals. Watching McDavid roast Kevin Bieksa into retirement when we play the Ducks this year will be so special. Just thinking about it gives me a half chub.

But imagine being an opposing player at this camp. Imagine being someone on another NHL team that was there to watch the show live in person. How are they going to sleep at night knowing what they’re going to have to face for the next decade? Give these guys a few games together and teams will start considering not even showing up at the Jungle to take on the Oil. It’s only a matter of time until visiting teams start coming down with the McDavid flu on their way through Alberta.


If you’re interested in watching the highlights from the games which features a nifty 2-on-0 goal from the Oilers’ new wrecking crew, and McDavid blowing by some poor defensemen over and over again, you can watch here:


PS – Isn’t it weird to think that two years ago a trip through Alberta meant an easy 4 points for any visiting team and two years from now any visiting team will be happy to get 1? Let’s hope the Battle of Alberta is finally coming out of hibernation.

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