Days Until The First Oilers Game: 13 – Cam Barker


Today’s Player: Cam Barker. I’ve seen a lot of weird jerseys at the Jungle. Just the other day I seen a Shawn Belle #45 sweater. I can confidently say I have never once seen somebody wearing a Cam Barker jersey.

Career Oilers Stats:

GP G A P PIM Giveaways
25 2 0 2 23 18

Steve Tambellini gave Cam Barker $2.25-million just minutes after he was bought out by Minnesota for $1.083-million. That means, no including his salary from the Wild, we paid Cam Barker $90,000 per game. Now imagine if you paid $225 for one of those Cam Barker jerseys?

I’ve had a stomach virus the past three days that’s been kicking the living hell out of me. It still feels better than watching Cam Barker in the defensive zone.

Why We Liked Him:

On July 1, 2011, the Oilers signed Cam Barker. On October 9, 2011, Cam Barker played his first regular season game with the Oilers. In the 101 days between us singing him and him playing his first regular season game, we didn’t have any real reason to dislike him.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:


Where Is He Now?

In the KHL with HC Slovan Bratislava. I’ve never been to Bratislava, but if it’s anything like EuroTrip made it appear, I couldn’t be happier that Cam Barker is there:

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