Days Until The First Oilers Game: 18 – Ethan Moreau


Today’s Player: Ethan Moreau. Good fighter.


Only player ever to lose a fight without having a punch thrown at his face.

Career Oilers Stats:

653 112 100 212 782 -12


Fun fact: Ethan Moreau’s nickname, Chopper, emanated from “holding his stick like he was chopping wood.” He hacked everybody that moved. He was also the last Oilers player to win an award. Think about that. Ethan Moreau. That’s how bad things have been.

Moreau got waived in his final season with the Oilers. He was our captain.

Why We Liked Him:

He was an 11 year veteran with the boys. Off the ice, Moreau was a great community guy. On the ice, Moreau laid out a couple hits. Eleven years.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:

Suffice to say we’ve had some bad captains in Edmonton, especially of late. Chopper was one of them. Not because he was a bad hockey player (which, he absolutely was). The guy couldn’t stay healthy if you stuffed him in bubble wrap. He sprained his ankle playing basketball. He took a stick to the eye. If there was a bone in his body, he made sure he broke it. Between 2006-2008 he played 32 games.

And then, you know, he was bad. He somehow played 11 seasons here, two of which he had over 30 points. It’s a miracle he spent as long as he did in one spot, given the turnover rate of fourth liners. Of course the only award the Oilers have picked up in the past two centuries would be the only award that doesn’t require skill. A leadership award, which Moreau exemplified as we finished 20th that year. We seriously waived him with the intent of buying his contract out after our first last place finish. He got waived at the same time as former Oilers juggernauts Patrick O’Sullivan and Bobby Nilsson.

Where Is He Now?

Scouting for the Habs.

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