Days Until The First Oilers Game: 23 – Matt Hendricks


Today’s Player: Matty Ice: Future team captain. The ONE time my boy gets on After Hours:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.37.55 AM

We’re not going to turn this into an autopsy because the games already been analyzed eight ways from Sunday by the guys at Studio 42.

That’s seriously how Scott Oak began the interview began.

Career Oilers Stats:

104 11 8 19 134 -20

Devan Dubnyk was nominated for a Vezina this year. Matty Ice gave the Oilers sixteen points and was a winger on the ice during one of the worst faceoffs of all time:


Stole him.

What We Like About Him:

Guy’s the heart and soul of this club. Matty will go out there and do all the blue collar shit we love as Oilers fans. He blocks shots, fights, bleeds orange and blue and will finish every check possible. Watch him literally go right through Nate Prosser:


Most blatantly obvious hit from behind possibly ever. Matty fucking Ice. Future team captain.

What We Don’t Like About Him:

Guy loses every fight. I love him but at best he’s 0-30-5.

Where Is He Now?

Stationed on our fourth line prepping to reach double digit goals this year while captaining our squad to the playoffs.

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