Days Until The First Oilers Game: 24 – Steve Staios


Today’s Player: Steady Steve. We traded this eight year Oilers veteran to Calgary because our then GM was a fucking idiot.

Career Oilers Stats:

573 35 111 146 743 7

Why We Liked Him:

What was that old Canadian PSA? Nobody’s good at everything, but everybody’s good at something?


Steve’s thing was blocking shots. He was the godfather of shot blocks. They started counting shots blocked (at even strength) in 2007, and during Steve’s tenure with the Oilers he averaged 2.15 per game. Again, that’s ONLY on even strength. Not even the PK. Over two times per game he would willingly step in front of a shot 5v5. What a psychopath. But my God he was good at it. The eight year Oilers vet wore a letter during the latter portion of his career with the Cop ‘n Blue. And then Steve Stambellini did the unthinkable and traded him to Calgary for Aaron fucking Johnson (and a third round pick, steal). That was the first trade EVER between the two franchises. This was the human being responsible for rebuilding us.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:

Steve’s thing was blocking shots, which was great, because he didn’t really have anything else. He scored 35 goals in 573 games. His last four years he went -43. And he had this really weird relationship with Ethan Moreau. They for sure swapped wives once or twice.

Where Is He Now?

He was an assistant coach with the Leafs, and actually survived their recent mutiny. However, instead of staying on the sinking ship, Steve elected to take the president position with the OHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs. Every time I see somebody attempt a shot block, I think to myself: “Steady Steve would have done that better.” Ex: Here’s Pottsy missing a shot block, then subsequently punching it back into our own net.


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