Days Until The First Oilers Game: 37 – Lennart Petrell


Today’s Player: Lennart Petrell #ismental

Career Oilers Stats:

95 7 11 18 49 -14

IT’s not a stretch to think that of the 690 players in the NHL, Lenny was probably the ugliest. Look at this mutt:


He looks like a more retarded version of wobbuffet. Goddammit I loved Lenny.

Why We Liked Him:

He was honestly hilarious. Funny to look at, funny to listen to. I used to watch those shitty Oil Change episodes just incase I got to hear in talk. Plus he was good for a couple short handed clapper goals per season:



And every so often he’d fight Keith Yandle at the most random time ever.

Also, my own mother has a Lenny Petrell jersey. Find me somebody else with one. I dare you. She still calls me to let me know what European team he’s playing on. Last year it was Lulea HF in Sweden. Ya boy had 10 points in 50 games. Classic Lenny.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:

If you’re into advanced stats he might have statistically been the worst player in the NHL.

Where Is He Now?

He’s currently in the final year of a two year deal with Lulea HF. They play in the Swedish Elite League. I’ve legitimately never heard of them. All I know is they’re more north than Yellowknife:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.21.01 AM

Makes Winterfell look like a vacation spot.

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