Days Until The First Oilers Game: 8 – Dean Arsene


Today’s Player: Dean Arsene? I think he’s the guy laying down reaching for the puck. Seems right.

Career Oilers Stats:

13 0 0 0 41 -3

Goes without saying the Oilers were the only NHL team to ever dress Dean Arsene in a regular season game.

We dressed him in 13.

Why We Liked Him:

I don’t think we did? It’s not that we didn’t like him, I just don’t think anybody cared enough about him to formulate an opinion on the guy. I guess he made it to the NHL the hard way? (Being an undrafted, unskilled player). The season was 2009/2010. It was disastrous. Pat Quinn was out head coach and I’m pretty sure he forgot that multiple times during the season. Everybody got hurt. 2006 was still familiar but starting to become a distant memory. Later in the season after Souray’s 16th injury of the month, Dean Arsene blessed us with his presence. Now, it wasn’t your everyday call up. Nobody got excited. Radio shows didn’t stop their normally scheduled broadcasts to announce Dean Arsene was coming up from the minors. There was literally nobody else. The next best picture I found of him was a screenshot of his face in NHL 2010:


Just more evidence that yep, there was a guy, his name was Dean Arsene, and he played in real life games for us.

So why’d I pick him? Well #8 is without question the worst number ever worn in Oilers history. It’s cursed. The league’s been spoiled with superstars like Ovechkin and Selanne and Recchi and Neely, all who wore #8. The longest Oilers player ever to wear #8 was the electrifying Zdeno Ciger, and he only wore it for four years. There have been 17 players in Oilers history who have worn #8 in only one season for the boys. In 1984 we gave the number to three different guys. It’s like the Defense Against the Dark Arts number in Edmonton. Nobody wants it. So I picked Dean Arsene. I could have picked more “skilled” one-year wonders like Geoff Sanderson or Derek Roy, but I picked Dean Arsene. Nothing says “Oilers” like Dean Arsene.

Why We Didn’t Like Him:

I watched two Youtube videos of Arsene fighting, both times he got put in a body bag:



Where Is He Now?

He retired after the 2014 season. Rumour has it he’s working with his brother, Denny, in a BC food brokerage business.

Denny and Dean Arsene. Dammit rights.

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