Everything’s Looking Up! The Oilers Are Getting Talked About On PTI

The McDaddy Effect!! Hey Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid yay American media attention wait what you say Wilbon?! Of course he said no. Wilbon watches the Hawks in the Winter Classic and the playoffs, he knows hockey.

This is the problem I’ve had with people outside of the 780. Everything McDaddy has done, people have perpetually downplayed:

  • McDavid torches the Oilers rookies with five points, everybody downplays it because A) it’s just a scrimmage, and B) it’s against the Oilers rookies.
  • McDavid casually blows by the Canucks rookies and the Golden Bears, everybody downplays it because it’s not against NHL players.
  • McDavid’s first NHL exhibition game he gets two assists, everybody downplays it because it’s only preseason.

When are people going to stop and acknowledge fact that, in the four refereed hockey games McDavid has played in with the Oilers, he’s picked up a casual 12 points? He’s excelled defensively, he’s excelled on the faceoff dot. He’s literally excelled absolutely everywhere we’ve placed him since he’s worn the orange and blue. It’s ok to admit you’re impressed, world. You can do Connor McBoners with us when he makes filthy little passes like this and nobody will judge:


The next step will be a point in the middle of November when we play the Yotes and McDaddy lights up Arizona like Seven Hills on Canada Day. People will still manage to downplay it because “it’s only the Coyotes”.

PS – Obligatory good St. Albert kid updates from last night:

Turner Elson:

Points TOI PIM S H FO%
0 15:22 4 2 3 44% (4/9)

Love Turner getting 15 minutes of ice time. Love it. Only five Calgary forwards played more than him.


Points TOI PIM S H FO%
0 08:42 0 3 2 75% (3/4)

Winny just dismantling Connor McDavid on the faceoff dot, rocking at 75% right in his face while McDaddy put up a struggled to a mere 64%. Bum numbers.

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