Last Year’s Fantasy Boom/Busts In Honour Of The NFL Starting Thursday


The NFL is starting on Thursday, thank the Christ. If it wasn’t for the onslaught the Jays have put on Major League Baseball this could have been a painful summer. And we got Connor McDavid.

If you’re like me, you play a lot of fantasy football. It’s all kinds of addictive. Puts every other fantasy sport to shame, including hockey. Here’s a recap of who the fire/Nikitin players were from last season to get you jazzed for the fantasy season officially beginning Thursday:


Fire: Dez Bryant

Dez was a machine last year. He almost single-handedly guided my team to a fantasy championship after everybody got hurt or arrested. Because Romo, he was a second or third round pick in most leagues. But he was fourth in total receiver points last season, and led all receivers in touchdowns with 16. He should have been the second or third receiver picked in all your leagues this year.


Nikitin: Adrian Peterson

On the absolute opposite end of the spectrum for me last season, Adrian Peterson was arrested for reckless assault after one game last year. I drafted him third overall. One game. He got me like eight points. No touchdowns. Of course he’s back this year and will rush for 500 yards and 11 TDs the one week I play against him.


Fire: DeMarco Murray

Last season was a good year to have Cowboys. DeMarco Murray led the NFL in rushing yards by 500, and finished tied for first in rushing TDs with 13. That differed drastically from his usual plethora of injuries/fumbling literally everything. He actually fumbled five times last year, down from his usual 20. Five fumbles lost still led all running backs.


Nikitin: Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford had less fantasy points than Jay Cutler last season. I have no idea how that’s even possible.


Fire: Odell Beckham Jr


He finished fifth in wide receiver fantasy points and only played 12 games. As a rookie. Here’s a list of the NFL records he broke last season:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.06.31 PM

The only record he didn’t break last season was Gretzky’s 50 in 39.

Then he did something stupid. Not Ray Rice stupid. More like Michael Jordan in Space Jam stupid:


In case you live under a rock, that may have been the single greatest catch ever. That flag was on Brandon Carr for physically assaulting OBJ before he still ultimately emasculated his entire life and made the catch.


Nikitin: Montee Ball


His average draft position was 26th overall last year. Some analysts had him as high as 12th. Here he is fumbling a handoff:


I’m surprised Peyton didn’t execute him ISIS style right on the field after that play. Especially because ol’ Peyton had to make that touchdown saving tackle himself. Ball ultimately lost his job to CJ Anderson, and is now on the Broncos practice squad.


Fire: Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown could have retired after that punt-kicking Spencer Lanning’s face and career into the dirt and still been on the fire list. He instead led all fantasy wide receivers in points and should have been the first WR picked in all of your leagues.


Nikitin: RG3

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.23.18 PM

Washington traded four first round picks to acquire a guy who lost his backup job to a guy who lost his starting job to Brandon Weeden.


Quarterbacks Austin Davis and Shaun Hill had more fantasy points last season than RG3. He had 0.32 more fantasy points than Charlie Whitehurst. He is three arrests away from being Ryan Leaf. Greg Oden feels bad for RG3’s career.


Honourable fire mentions: Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, GRONK, Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Philadelphia’s defense.

Honourable Nikitin mentions: Jay Cutler, AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, Doug Martin, CJ Spiller, Zac Stacy, Cincinnati’s defense.


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