Taylor Hall Is Sick With A Serious Case Of Jays Fever

The only logical explanation. I’m actually shocked this hasn’t impacted the entire team. Two days ago we watched Hallsy and the boys absolutely lose their tits on national TV when Tulo cranked a ball to space.

Now Taylor Hall just so happens to have come down with the flu. And guess what? No regrets.

The Oilers are quite obviously the Jays good luck charm. Most of them attended both games the last two days:

And how many Oilers were at the games in Toronto? (none). Figures, the most lucky team in NHL lottery history channel their luck to our Jays when they’re in the building. I don’t give a fuck about the home opener (spoiler alert, we’ll probably lose anyways), send the boys to Toronto for game 5 tomorrow immediately following the Dallas game tonight, we have a DS to win! And get Hallsy some goddamn soup.

PS – When I seen the boys at the game I knew one of them was coming down with a “flu”. My guess was Gaz. There wasn’t a happier person in North America than Gaz was when Tulo hit that home run.

PSS – Shoutout to good St. Albert kid and former Westside Warriors captain Eric Fraser for being the second happiest person in North America at the time:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.23.32 AM

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