Apparently Ottawa Said The Eskimos Should Change Their Name, Hilarious


The Ottawa Citizen – It’s an honour for Ottawa to meet Edmonton’s team on the field, and may the best team win the Grey Cup on Sunday. And may they meet soon again, as the Ottawa Redblacks and the Edmonton … something else.

Leave aside the fact that many of the people to whom the word “Eskimo” has been applied, historically, do not identify that way. Whether the word is derogatory or not on its own, it is disrespectful as the name of a sports team.

HAHAHA!!! A city with the team name “REDBLACKS” is telling us our name is bad. I wish I would have seen this before Sunday. This somehow makes the Grey Cup win even sweeter. Grow up, Ottawa. Do us a favour and try to make it five years without folding before telling a team whose existed since 1949 what their name should be. Unbelievable.

PS – Parade today? Yes please.