Butthurt REDBLACKS Want Compensation For The Eskimos Hiring Maas


Source – There’s been plenty of talk in recent days about the lack of a Canadian Football League policy spelling out compensation when one team hires a coach who is still under contract away from another.

The Ottawa Redblacks reportedly wanted compensation for the Eskimos’ hiring of Maas, but Redblacks general manager Marcel Desjardins tamed some of the expectations around what they would receive.

The league currently has no compensation policy in place. The CFL’s board of governors and general managers met last week with commissioner Jeffrey Orridge in Las Vegas to begin the dialogue.

Despite the Redblacks’ reported effort to seek some sort of repayment, Hervey said the Eskimos refrained from asking for anything from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who hired former Esks head coach and defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones and forced Edmonton to go on its own coaching search.


HAHAHAHA!! This team, man. Ottawa’s been in the league for five minutes and they’re making their own rules. Hilarious. This is the goddamn Canadian League you idiots. Asking for compensation is the most non-Canadian thing you can do. We tip our hats and wish people who get promoted the best. You think we gave a damn when Chris Jones left us for brighter fields in Saskatchewan? Christ no. Pretty sure we bought him a beer on the way out. Guy absolutely deserved a promotion and they’ll build statues of him in the Province of Three Downs.

But we rightfully promote Ottawa’s outstanding offensive coordinator and they get bitchy about it? Of course they’re mad. We just mopped them in the Grey Cup and stole one of their coaches too. Not a great month for REDBLACKS fans. It’s like they thought he wouldn’t ultimately come here anyways or something? I know they’ve been in the league since Monday but little CFL tip for your rookies: Maas always comes back to Edmonton. Guy was the greatest backup in team history. Just wait until we pull his boy Ricky Ray into retirement and onto our staff too. Greatest coaching chemistry of all time. What rhymes with best bros?*




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