Justin Schultz Updated His KHL Application Last Night


In case you missed it, Justin Schultz had a FIRE game last night. He gave us 21 unforgettable Jultz minutes. A minute and ten seconds into it he was already Jultzing all over the ice:


There was a time when our former GM used “Norris” and the player who let that play happen in the same sentence.Β Then him and Niki Nikitin teamed up for a highlight that will surely set the Oilers back weeks:



I’ve watched that clip probably 100 times and still laugh every time Nikitin trips over Iginla. I’m a die hard Oilers fan and when I watch that diarrhea play I think man, that’s so Oilerz. Imagine what the rest of the world thinks? We worked so hard to make peopleΒ think we might actually crack the top 16 NHL power rankings for the first time since Messier only to have Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne derp all over the Pepsi Center’s ice. I found myself looking up when Ference gets back off IR last night, that’s how bad things are. Ference.



FERENCE! The recycled pylon. Just because there’s only so much more derpiness I can take from the Schulkitin monster. I might have actually reached my derp limit from these two liabilities. Then I found out he actually can come back, and isn’t playing because I remembered he sucks just as bad as they do.Β Pick your poison, which might be all three next game.

Oh Christ. Jultz, Nikitin, Gryba and Ference. The nightmare before Christmas.

Just for fun, best Jultz tweets of last night:

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