Mark Fayne Slowly Pivots His Way Onto Waivers


Another job well done on MacT’s resume. Thanks to this outstanding signing, Edmontonians got to witness the only thing slower than rush hour traffic on the Yellowhead. And now his watch has ended, 1.3 years into his four year contract. We’re perpetually rewriting the history books on how not to rebuild. At or near the top should be: “absolutely never allow a GM with no managerial experience at all to run your team while you’re trying to find ways to win.” Lesson learned.

Mark Fayne stinks. Yes, the rest of the Oilers defenseman pretty much all stink too, but Mark Fayne stinks just as much if not more than most of them. Some fans will be upset that it was Fayne to go and not Gryba. Other fans want Schultz’s head on a stick. I really don’t care. We have bigger fish to fry than deciding which 7/8 defenseman sucks less. I don’t care that Fayne was assigned. I don’t care if we lose him on waivers. Much like his toxically short time in Edmonton, I really don’t care about Mark Fayne. This is hopefully the first and only blog I ever have to write about him. I’ve written 164 words about Fayne and I’m already bored of him. Bye.

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