Oilers November Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Leftover Koo Koo Roo! We were like [] this close to finishing that torturous month on a high note, but then we got shutout by Gary Sparks and the 28th place Leafs. The good news is, we’re under 11 months away from next season!

Tonight, the Oilers lose to the Boston Bruins, officially kicking off their third month of the year. Let’s recap the 3 a.m. donair vomit of a month we just endured:

The Good:

Connor McDavid’s collarbone is pain free and healing at an abnormal rate. When the best news of the month is that our star player’s collarbone is healing surprisingly fast and he might be back in four or six weeks that should tell you all you need to know about how the month went.

Despite picking up one point each in their last five games, Taylor Hall and Leon Draisaitl finished the month with 12 and 13 points respectively in 13 games. They combined for 30% of the team’s monthly offensive production in a month where we lost 700 games by one goal. Way to go, team!

Andres Nilsson didn’t suck.

Other than McDavid’s ridiculously incredible collarbone, the best news of the month by far came from the popular hockey-art site Icethetics about the Oilers popular orange jersey:

Reebok is telling retailers to expect a new third jersey for the Oilers in 2016-17. Odds are good that we’re looking at a promotion for the orange throwback the club is wearing this season — their last at Rexall Place.

As a specialty sweater, it can only be worn a handful of times in a season. As a third jersey, it can used for 12 to 15 games a year. And the design has been wildly popular in Edmonton. I can’t imagine the Oilers going in any other direction if a new third is indeed coming next year.


Now at least we’ll look good while struggling for competency in the Daryl Katz Centre for Losers Who Don’t Win Good.

The Bad:

We won three games in 30 days.

Justin Schultz came back.


Cam Talbot opted out of making any saves. He started three games in November, giving up four goals in each game, all of which were losses.

December in Oil Country means we’re dead last and everyone all of a sudden becomes an expert. People start to make their own opinions on who is untouchable, and how we can fix our team by moving the garbage on our roster. And they’re all right, of course. It’s everybody else that’s stupid. Nobody’s opinion is right except for their own!


The Ugly:

Close your eyes:


If somebody asked me to do a presentation on what it’s like to be an Oilers fan, I’d show them how the league for teased us with 12.9 unforgettable Connor McDavid games, only to have a glorified AHL defenseman pile drive him into the boards and sever his collarbone. You know how it didn’t feel real until we watched him play, and then all of a sudden it felt real? Like, for once our generation was actually witnessing true greatness? Well it still doesn’t feel real. The cruelest thing we’ve ever had to endure is watching that play happen, knowing the only good thing that’s happened to us in the last decade will be out months. Fuck the NHL.

Another first overall pick got injured by running into a referee, which is so Oilers it hurts. Though that one’s proportionately less concerning than Connor McDavid’s injury. McDavid gets hurt, the entire city weeps. Yakupov gets hurt, people don’t notice in the three games we play without him.

Oh, and our goal song is still ‘Stadium Love’. Please kill me.

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