We’re Going Streaking!


The last time we had a four game winning streak was October 20-October 27 last year, when we somehow rattled off four straight with this imbecile behind the bench:


Of course, we subsequently dropped our next four immediately after, cruising out of the gate to a 4-8-1 start. We remember it as the prelude to probably the worst stretch of hockey we’ve ever experienced.

This year feels insane. It’s weird to watch a win or a loss at this point in the season and feel its importance. The parity in the NHL this year is remarkable. We’re four points behind 16th in the entire league, yet we’re also two points out of dead last. We’re three points out of a playoff spot, and four points out of home ice advantage. For the first time in what feels like ever, we’re playing meaningful December hockey games. And my God Gary, it’s fun. You can feel energy inside that indestructible concrete slab for the first time in years. I was at the game last night and it sounded like there was life in the old Jungle again. That old bitch is on her hospital bed but seems to have found one last gasp of air before she bids farewell. Say what you want about fighting, but Jujhar Khaira’s first period fight sparked what had been a pretty typical lackluster Edmonton crowd from puck drop.

From that point on, the crowd was into it. Thanks to some incredible goaltending, also for the first time ever, we have the ability to be excited about third periods. I’d look up and see ya boy Pizza Trav going double pistols every time we scored. Then, when the Sharks took the lead in the third, I fully expected the Oilers to deflate and fold. Instead, they buckled down and tied the game en route to a hardworking overtime W. Feels like a completely different franchise than the one we’ve become so accustomed to watch struggle. What’s even more spectacular is we’ve doing this all without Connor “Philip” McDavid, who’s still ninth in rookie scoring despite not playing in over a month. We joked around earlier about what the difference would be if he missed 30 or 35 games, because Oilers, but now that five game difference might actually mean something. If we get him back in say, a month, I mean…who knows? Having your best player in the lineup during the last stretch in Jungle history could be that last little spark we need to make magic.

Again, much like I said a few days ago, I’m celebrating these moments because I have no idea how long they will last. Example, in about 24 hours we play the Rangers. They’re a casual 13 points ahead of us. Four days later, we play them again. Then we have to play the Hawks, who it feels like we haven’t beat since Sam Gagner dropped a trillion on them. It’s going to get tough, but nothing is ever easy in the City of Concrete. Until then, I’m just going to enjoy the streaking.

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