Bad News For The Champs, Dexter McCoil To Sign In The NFL


Little change of pace from our Oilers barrage, switching it back to the Three Downs League for the first time since November. I’d honestly write about it more, but there’s literally no CFL news in the offseason. June-November, all CFL, all the time. December-May, the league might as well not exist. The CFL’s marketing is worse than ENS’s. The exception, however, is when good players get an opportunity to play in the world’s best league. Unfortunately, being the best means some of our better plays might just get that opportunity. And it looks like McCoil will get a chance to play for [undisclosed NFL team’s practice squad].

Obviously a huge loss, but well deserved for Dex. Guy has balled out since joining the CFL, winning rookie of the year in 2014 and flat out dominating the league with nine picks over two seasons, two of which returned for TDs. You can’t replace those numbers. My boy Deon Lacey and his celebratory punt that still hasn’t landed will have to pick up the workload next season, assuming Dex makes the NFL. If he doesn’t, the good news is he’s locked up for two more years in the City of Concrete, and our defense will still be vicious.

PS – I’d give you a gif of something McCoil did during his reign with the ‘Skos, but the CFL’s video system is absolutely atrocious. Try finding highlights anywhere, it’s impossible. Seriously the worst run league on the planet. Here I am trying to make the league big and I can’t even find a worthwhile highlight of the Grey Cup.

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