RNH Is Out “Long-Term” Because Oilers


At least twice a day I ask God why I’m an Oilers fan. Today’s first came when Sekera dished an own zone, no look muffin backhander right on Huberdeau’s tape 35 seconds in. This was the second:

This is our third different first overall pick suffering a long term injury this season, and we’re not even out of January. McDaddy and Nuge were injured killing penalties. Yak ran into a fucking ref. Just another season in Oil Country. Even when we win, we still lose.

Mark Letestu is currently our number two centre hahaha.


This life stinks bad.

PS – Points in four straight is a HEATER and McJesus back in five games oh what’s that I just changed my own mind, boom, look out postseason.

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