Rob Gronkowski Won The Winter Classic


Honestly meant to blog this like two days ago, but bender season. Assuming you didn’t see any of NBC’s pregame coverage of the Winter Classic, Rob Gronkowski was on fire.


“I’d be left wing,” he said. “Defense is cool but I need the action, so left wing, obviously.”

Gronkowski played hockey until the ninth grade and still skates at times when he returns to Western New York.

“I was super aggressive, fights, goal scores, checks,” he said, “but I don’t have those skills really any more.”

Of course Gronk was a hockey fighter in ninth grade. Of course he was. Fights. Goal scores. Checks. Imagine Gronk playing a sport where you’re literally allowed to fight whenever you want? Need Gronk in orange and blue. He’d instantly be a Jungle favourite. Put him on left wing (his request not mine) along side McDaddy and watch the magic unfold.

Gronk wasn’t done:

I’ll do some slap shots, get some goals. Unbelievable. I’ve never seen him play but I can almost promise you Gronk only takes clappers. Situation is irrelevant. Breakaway, shootout, three-on-three. You name it, he claps it. And this was all after he tweeted the sneaky best tweet of 2015 to his teammate Rob Ninkovich on New Years Eve:

YOU STINK BAD! Gronk is a 14-year-old kid in an adult body and I love it.





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