We’re About 48 Hours From The McReturn, So Happy Sunday



Good God how I’ve missed watching that over this:


Like two different teams. It doesn’t even feel real yet. It’s like when McDaddy hadn’t actually played a game for us yet, and it didn’t feel real until that first shift against St. Louis. This feels the same. We were teased with 12.5 games of greatness, only to have it stripped away in the blink of an inanimate object. Tuesday will be 91 days since The Crash. In a sense, we get to experience that same sensational feeling we had on October 8th all over again. How many players have the ability to single-handedly make a Tuesday night melee against Columbus interesting? We’re giving away tickets to the McReturn and people are going insane. Against Columbus. On a goddamn Tuesday. If we gave away tickets any other night to watch the electrifying Blue Jackets stumble into the Concrete Jungle to “battle” their 30th place relatives there wouldn’t be this much hype. But this isn’t any other Tuesday. This is The McOne’s return. And we’ve put up with these Oilers far too long to not be excited about 97’s next 32.




See you Tuesday, Connor.

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