Hank’s Big Day! Your Super Bowl Sunday Preview Because Oilerz


I hope you’re all still hammered from yesterday afternoon’s shenanigans, the Oilers decided to dress every bad former Islander we had today. And it’s worked out beautifully, for the Islanders. I’m not a fortune teller, but you gotta believe Anders Nilsson will need a place to bunk in Bakersfield very soon. Maybe him and Reinhart can go halfsies on an apartment. Luckily, this is not even close to the biggest game of the day. Hank’s Denver Broncos will play the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl! And because I need to forget about hockey for a few days, let’s talk a little football.

The Carolina Panthers are scary good, and that’s without their best receiver. Kelvin Benjamin hasn’t played a game this year and Carolina’s still only lost once. They don’t give up points and they seemingly score at will.

Hank’s Broncos have what’s probably the league’s best defense, and an experienced offense led by Peyton Manning – playing in his fourth Super Bowl. Honestly, the odds are stacked against Hank. Not a lot of people picking the Broncos in this one. Except me. We’re a family here at ENS, and Peyton Manning is my favourite player of all time. This is how he goes. Hank needs a sports championship in the worst way possible. Between the Oilers and the Jays, the poor kid’s liver can’t take much anymore. But here are his Broncos, in their second Super Bowl in three years, trying desperately to get Hank that elusive championship.

My mind is picking the Panthers in an absolute bloodbath, but my heart is all over the Broncos. Denver wins 21-17. TJ Ward wins Super Bowl MVP with two interceptions, one for six.

Now, back to the Oilerz.


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