I Can’t Get Enough Of This Oilers/McDavid Fire Jam From Outside Rexall


We finally have our own Esks’ fight song! And my God it’s a certified fire jam. They shouldn’t just play it outside the Jungle before every game, they should play it inside the Jungle as the boys step onto the ice. You know how fired up that would get the old concrete barn? Just a couple of bros banging drums screaming “Gooooo. Oilers. Gooooo. Youuuuu caaaaan do it. You Got Connor McDavid!” The boys would be ripping onto the ice thinking, “You’re fucking rights we got McDavid, time to go smoke Arizona” and win by 9. There’s no way we lose a game in the Jungle if this is played down the stretch. That ear dump Stadium Love better have its head on a swivel, this Oilers Fight Song is coming in hot!

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