Talbot Will Miss Tonight’s Game With The Flu, Wonder How He Caught It?


Oh, that’s strange. I vaguely remember another Oiler having the flu recently.


I swear to God. Nothing against LB because I think he’s great, but if we lose to the goddamn Jets because Jultzy gave our starter the flu that might be it. The final straw. I cannot lose tonight. Not to the Jets. Not to Winnipeg. I swear Jultzy did this on purpose because he knows how much this game means to me. He’s completely shutter down for the year. He doesn’t care anymore. It looks like he’s intentionally blowing it every time he steps on the ice. He’s been a liability on the ice for years, now he’s a liability in the dressing room too. Goddammit Jultz, learn how to make a fucking pass.

PS – Justin actually blamed how bad he stinks on trying to learn defense.

Looks great man, hard work’s paying off!



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