The Best Commercials From Super Bowl 50


Once again, thanks to CRTC, Canadians were deprived of watching the Super Bowl commercials on television (although, this may be changing next year). Instead of the annual bangers released by Doritos, Pepsi, GoDaddy and Bud, we got our standard dose of A&W, Tim Horton’s, Rogers and the fucking Canadian Tire guy, all of course in-between the obnoxious amount of CTV promos for shows you’ll never watch.

Luckily, the internet. We have this unbelievable tool that allows us to watch everything that we missed during last night’s three-and-outs. It even sorts them out so we don’t have to see the shitty ones (hello Quicken Loans, Skittles). Here are the best commercials as picked by ENS during last night’s game.

First Date – Hyundai


It was funny. Wasn’t my favourite, but still funny. I can’t figure out Kevin Hart. Sometimes he’s annoying as hell, other times he’s a comedic legend. This one seems to work for him.

Avocados in Space – Avocados From Mexico


“This, the white/gold dress that caused a civil war. This is Scott Baio.”

Puppy-Monkey-Baby – Mountain Dew


I’ll admit that little thing freaked me the fuck out, and I’m still perplexed by what I just saw. But you’re going to remember this shit for decades. From now until forever, every time you hit up a vending machine you’re going to remember that time Mountain Dew combined a dog, monkey and a baby and made it sound like a goddamn Pokémon.

The Commander – Audi


Heart string city. To the beat of “Starman” by David Bowie.

The Getaway – Prius


They get every bonus on on Earth for throwing the Sobotka family from The Wire to pull off the heist. “LOS PRIUS CUATRO!”

Super Bowl Babies – The NFL


Is it weirdly awkward to watch kids sing about their parents smashing it? Sure, but don’t tell me you weren’t humming the hell out of “Kiss From a Rose” by the end of the commerical. Just a bunch of kids born nine months after the Super Bowl putting on a Seal fire jam clinic to celebrate 50 years of babies being conceived after Super Bowl victories. Well done, NFL. Well done.

Ultrasound – Doritos


You don’t set the world standard for nacho style chips by being average. Each year, Doritos comes out swinging at the Super Bowl. This year was no exception. The unanimous winner. Unbelievable.

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