ENS Gameday Preview: Oilers @ Jets


The Big Rig and the boys roll into Winnipeg tonight for Hometown Hockey to take on the goddamn Jets. Battle of the basement BABAY!

Suck it Calgary!

Suck it, Calgary!

Look, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t seen an Oilers game all week. I was preoccupied in Ontario on business for Snash.  From what I can tell though the boys had a fairly good week outside of the shit stain loss on Friday night to the Jackets. But three wins out of four ain’t bad. And it sounds like the games are actually more enjoyable to watch now compared to colonoscopies we’ve been used to. Patty Moroon and Crazy Zack Kassian have at least provided a bit of entertainment value and their presence has the rest of the boys playing with a little extra hair on their nuts. Fat Dusty Byfuglien better look the hell out.


Big Rig in the top 6. That’s what I like to hear.

Iceman in the pipes.

What Needs to Happen

Winnipeg managed to shut down McDaddy pretty well when these two teams last faced each other but I get the feeling that is not going to happen again tonight.

What Can’t Happen

We’ve talked too much shit to lose the season series against Winnipeg. End this year’s edition of the rivalry on a high note.

What Will Happen

McDaddy gives Winnipeg a taste of what’s coming to the Heritage Classic next year, scoring twice and adding three assists as the Oil take it 5-0. Poor, poor Winnipeg.


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