ENS Gameday Preview: Predators @ Oilers


Editor’s Note: Last time we played these guys we (Hank) let Teeps do a gameday blog for his boys. That’s what I get for taking vacation. Finally understood what teachers feel like when they leave the classroom and all hell breaks loose. 

The mighty Oil are back at it on this lovely Monday night as Teeps’ Preds roll into the friendly confines of the Concrete Jungle. The last time Nashville was in town it did not go too well for the boys in blue and orange. The Preds romped us 4-1. The only thing that stands out in my mind about that game was Zack Kassian doing Zack Kassian things and getting thrown out with 10 minutes left because James Neal wouldn’t fight him. Classic.

As of right now, Nasville is sitting pretty comfortably in a playoff spot. They look to have the first wild card position all but locked up. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still potential for the Oil to play a bit of a spoiler role like they did in Minnesota last week. You never know what can happen in the national league.


Sounds like the Big Rig will be skating with McDavid and Eberle tonight, Hall with Leon and Iiro. LB in the pipes.

What Needs to Happen

For some reason, the Oil have completely flipped the script from the first half of the year. They were very solid at home but couldn’t win on the road if their lives depended on it. Fast forward to March and now suddenly the boys are road warriors, but they’re also getting blown out of their own building seemingly every night. Like we haven’t scored a goal at home in 2 entire games. Christ. That’s no way to send off the Jungle faithful in the barn’s final season.

Edmonton needs to be better tonight. Todd the God has switched up the lines a little bit so we should expect to see a little extra pep in their step tonight. Give us a win tonight, dammit.

What Can’t Happen


What Will Happen

Under no circumstances should the Oil win this one tonight… But you know how we do at ENS.

Connor and the Big Rig put the boys on their backs tonight en route to a 4-2 win.

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